We want you to have the best experience possible when you come to Rainy Day Games. To help this happen, we ask all of our customers, visitors, and staff to observe the following rules when in the shop. Failure to follow any of the rules may result in being banned (temporarily or permanently) from Rainy Day Games.
Do not buy from or sell to other customers.We strongly encourage trading, however, so have at it!
Do not smoke inside the shop (this includes eCigs and vaporizers). When smoking outside the shop, please do so at least 25 feet away from the entrance to Rainy Day Games or any other business.
Screw top lids required on all drinks. Accidents happen and this reduces the chances.
Clean up your area. Trash cans and recycling bins are provided. Use them.
Use headphones. Not everyone wants to hear what you are listening to on your personal device.
No alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or pornography. This includes being in the shop under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and viewing pornography on any device while in the shop.
Please refrain from using socially inappropriate or bullying language. This includes using words that are racist, sexist, homophobic, overtly sexual in nature, or designed to belittle others. If it would be socially unacceptable to say in front of a family, please don’t say it here.
Wear proper attire. Please do not wear clothing that is overly revealing and/or contains violent, sexual, or hateful language or images.
Have proper hygiene. Yes, this is important. Poor hygiene can negatively affect the experience of other customers.
Be a good sport. Be gracious in losing and winning.
Please do not take unpaid merchandise into the event center. We will gladly hold something for you at the counter if you need to get a friend or use the rest room.
Do not steal. Theft of anything from Rainy Day Games or its customers will result in contacting the police and an immediate and permanent ban from Rainy Day Games.
Violence of any sort is prohibited. Attacking a Rainy Day Games staff member or customer will result in contacting the police and an immediate and permanent ban from Rainy Day Games.