Warhammer 40k League – Kill Teams

Warhammer 40k Kill Team Rules

Your Force

To play in Kill Team, you’ll need to select your Kill Team carefully, for, as any commander knows, you must send the right men for the mission if you want to guarantee success! You may spend up to 300 points using the following Force Organization Chart:

0 – 1 Elite

0 – 2 Troops

0 – 1 Fast Attack

0 – 1 Heavy Support

Any codex may be used with the following rules:

  • You may use any current codex.
  • Allies are NOT allowed.
  • You must have at least 5 non-vehicle models.
  • You may not have any model with more than 3 wounds*.
  • You may not have any model with a 2+ armor save.
  • You may not have any model with a combined armor value greater than 33.
  • Fortifications are NOT allowed.
  • You may not have any flyers.
  • You MAY take fractional portions of a unit*. They do however count for the purposes of the force organization chart. You also cannot select limited upgrades for the unit with out taking the FULL unit size. For example: you can take a single Space Marine however you cannot pick a special weapon or get a Sergeant unless you take them in a squad of 5 at a minimum.

Your Leader

Every Kill Team needs a leader, be it a hoary old veteran Sergeant, a fiery Commissar, a wiley Succubus or a brutal Nob. Please note what model you are using for your Kill Team Leader on your Record Sheet.

Every Man For Himself:

You are allowed to take 3 specialists, each must be from a different category and may take one ability.

All models operate as individual units in this mission, even if they were chosen as part of a squad or squadron. In addition, when a model shoots or fights in an assault, it may split its attacks up amongst any eligible targets if desired.

Table Set up and Deployment

Kill Team games are played on a four foot square board, and covered in terrain. Place one central Objective in the center of the board. Split the table into four quarters and roll–off to see which player picks the quarter they will deploy in. The opposing player deploys in the opposite quarter. The player that won the roll–off deploys first all of his force in his deployment quarter, anywhere that is more than 12″ from the center of the table. His opponent then does likewise. Neither player may place any units in reserve. The player which deployed first goes first. His opponent may choose to try and steal the Initiative as normal.

Game Length and Victory Conditions

The battle continues until one side has been reduced to half its starting number models or less. Once a player’s force has been reduced to half strength he must take a Leadership test, called a Break Tests at the start of each of his turns, using the Leader’s Ld value (or, if he is no longer alive, the next highest). If he fails, then his Kill Team flees and the other player wins the battle. If the test is passed then the battle continues, but the player will have to take another.

Take the Loot!

The central objective represents a valuable target, be it a weapons cache, enemy intelligence or a supply drop. To hold it, just one non–vehicle model (of any type – not just Troops!) must be within 3” of it at the end of the game, with no enemy models also within 3″of it.


After each game, you’ll need to use Recon Points to determine the Winner. You earn Recon Points for achieving the following:

  • For forcing the opposing Kill Team to take Break Tests – 5 Recon Points
  • If the opposing Kill Team fails a Break Test and flees – +3 further Recon Points
  • For Killing the opposing Leader – 2 Recon Points
  • Holding the Objective at the end of the game– 3 Recon Points


At the end of each game, roll 2D6 and add on to the result the number of models your Leader killed in that game. Your Leader gains the corresponding upgrade. Note it down on your Leader record sheet.

2D6 + Leader’s Kills last game Upgrade: (Upgrades can only be gained Once)

2          Fear

3 – 8   Leader Gains Look out Sir (3″)

9          Furious Charge or Master Crafted

10        Fleet or Stealth

11        Concussive or Infiltrate

12        Experienced Fighter: +1 Weapon or +1 Ballistic Skill.

13        Shread or Ignores Cover

14        Heroic Reputation: Your gains +1 Leadership.

15        Resilient: Your Leader gains +1 Wound.

16+      Pick one of the Above

When you gain an upgrade, note it on your Leader Record Card.

Kill Team Errata FAQ:


  • All Models move and act independently as if they were independent characters.
  • Whatever benefits a model provides to a unit as a whole will only benefit models within 3”.
  • Units with Psychic powers must select 1 model to count for the psycher. The rest of the unit is treated as non-psychers.
  • Game Mechanics as normal: Move, shoot, and assault. Over watch happens as is normal.
  • CHALLENGES are NOT allowed.
  • Infiltrators can set up per the infiltration rules.
  • Scouts can move after deployment per the Scouts rules.
  • Other rules may be changed if needed.
  • *Tyranids are allowed to take 1 Tyranid Warrior (No barbed strangler or venom cannon), or 1 Broodlord.