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Rainy Day Games stocks all things related to table top board games, card games and ccg’s, miniatures games, puzzles, and disc golf products.

  • No plans for Tuesday night? We have plenty to do with a Magic the Gathering Standard Tournament or Star Wars X-Wing League both starting at 6pm!

    June 28

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    Warmachine and Hordes are coming soon. Here are some great reasons to come on in and pre-order your starter!

    June 27

  • Eldritch Moon is on the rise! This week is the first week of spoiler week, and you can already sign up for pre-releases at Rainy Day Games already. We have 6 events going on starting on 7/15-7/17! 7/15 - 11:59pm - Sealed $30 7/16 - 11:00am - Sealed $30 7/16 - 4:00pm - Sealed $30 7/16 - 8:30pm - 2-Headed Giant Sealed $60 7/17 - 11:00am - Sealed $30 7/17 - 4:00pm - 2-Headed Giant Sealed $60 Events do require prepayment to preregister, and preregistration is highly encouraged. If you sign up for the Planeswalker Package for $229 you get to play in all 6 events, plus you get a deck box, sleeves, and a playmat! You must preregister by 7/11 to get the Planeswalker Package.

    June 26



In the Portland area, Rainy Day Games is one of the friendliest and best places to buy board games, card games, minatures, and disc golf discs.  We stock everything from Magic the Gathering and Yu-gi-oh to Warhammer 40k and X-wing Minatures – from Fantasy Flight Games to Wizards of the Coast – from Pathfinder to Dungeons and Dragons.

As the premiere Portland Game Store we’ve got something for every table top gamer and disc golfer!  If you are looking to buy board games, card games, ccg’s, lcg’s, miniatures games, puzzles, and disc golf products, you have come to the right place.

Your Friendly Local Portland Game Store

Your Friendly Local Portland Game Store